Sheltered housing or retirement housing is housing designed especially for older people to help them live independently.

To qualify you need to be at least 60 years of age, live in the city of Manchester, or have family support in Manchester, and have the ability to live independently with the help of support.

Checks daily on your well being and acts as a good neighbour to residents.

Provides a safe and friendly environment for you to live and respects your privacy and independence.

Provides day to day management of the accommodation to a high standard.

Helps you obtain the support you require.

Shopping, cleaning, cooking.

Nursing care, administering medicines.

Your personal finances.

Supporting People is financial support given by the Government to help the Trust pay for housing related support, if you are eligible for housing benefit the Trust can claim Supporting People funding to  help us pay towards your support services.

To learn more about Supporting People please click on the link.

Depending on your financial circumstances you can claim housing benefit and council tax benefit to help you meet your housing costs, our staff can help you do this and give you advice with your claim.

All our homes are fitted with an emergency alarm call system; there is always someone available to help you in an emergency 24/7.

The Trust allows residents to keep caged birds or fish as pets; however we do not allow cats, dogs or other animals to be kept in our accommodation.

The cost of repairing the accommodation and maintaining the gardens are covered in the weekly charge, the Trust carries out all the repair and gardening work leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

The Trust is managed by a board of Trustees who are all volunteers and committed to providing services to older people.

The Trust employs a full time Director who oversees the delivery of quality services to the residents, and a full time scheme manager who is responsible for monitoring resident’s welfare and day to day management the accommodation.

The Trust is a registered charity and its is overseen and monitored by the Charity Commission, to find out more about the work of the Charity Commission please click on the link

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